Guidelines for using the charms:

Start by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and relax, connect to a higher source of energy if you wish. Set your intention that the connection should be for your highest good and that the information the charms provide should be clear and accurate. Stay calm and relaxed. Focus on any questions you would like to ask. If you don’t know what to ask you can always use “What do I need to know for my highest good?”. 

Use your intuition to interpret the reading, and if you get stuck close your eyes, relax and ask for clarity. Do not worry if every charm does not make sense, try and get the general tone and message of the reading OR if you are a card reader you can sprinkle a few on top of your cards and use them to enhance or add to the message in your card reading.

Some  suggested charm meanings to help you are below:

Ankhlife, eternal life, divinity, protection, spiritual connection, regeneration, fertility
Batclarity, friendship, transition, releasing what doesn’t serve you, psychic sensitivity
Beejust BE, Busy as a bee, solar plexus chakra
Black Cat
good luck, your pet, your familiar, cat here or on the other side, being “catty”, use caution (nine lives)
Bookknowledge, wisdom, learning, secrets, information
Broomcleansing energy, witchcraft, freedom, good luck, sacred space, protection
common sign from the other side, spirituality, freedom, transformation, sacral chakra, the soul
Cloveropportunity, good luck, Irish origins, heart chakra
Coffindeath, transformation, funeral, ending, loss
Evil Eyekeep your eyes open, the unseen, third eye, third eye chakra
Fairymagic, four elements, childlike, Disney
Feathercommon sign from the other side, angels around you, accomplishments
Ghostspirits, the soul, protection from the other side
Haunted Houseyour house, stability, self, subconscious
Heartlove, emotions, passion, health issues, heart chakra
Keyanswers, solution, house key, car key, secrets, security (lock and key)
Lady Bugletting go, trust the divine, crown chakra
Lighteningelectricity, sparks, idea, warning
Magic Wandmake a wish, wish granted, manifesting what you want
Moonintuition, cycles, feminine energy, illumination, at night
Music Notein tune, harmony, throat chakra, common sign from the other side (songs or music)
Owlintuition, clairvoyance, wisdom, night time or seeing through the dark
Peacepeace, happiness, military veteran, 1960s or 1970s
Planchetteconnection to the other side, spirit boards, protection, oracles
Pumpkinautumn, halloween, sacral chakra, protection, prosperity
Ravenintuition, spiritual power, messengers, intelligence, death and rebirth
Roseharmony, partnership, beauty, common sign from the other side (love)
Skull and Crossboneswarnings, independence, rebellion, mortality
Snakehealing, growth, transformation, release, deception, fear, kundalini energy, root chakra
Spider/Webcreativity, personal power, energy, passion
Starwishes, hopes, dreams, intuition, internet
Sugar Skullancestors, the veil, day of the dead, afterlife, sweets, celebration
Sunsuccess, in the spotlight, need to get more sunshine, common sign from the other side
Tarot Card Charmoracles, secrets, life’s mysteries, tarot, spiritual travels
Treefamily tree, health, karma, chakras, planting roots, gardening
Triple Goddessdivine feminine, paganism, birth, death rebirth, cycles of life, sacred symbols
Witch Hatwitchcraft, witches, crown chakra, magic