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Our Lenormand decks are designed for fun! Check out our site to preview the decks, shop our Etsy store, and download Lenormand card & charm meanings. 


A Frightfully Fun Deck For Halloween 365 Fans!



A Free Spirited & Far Out Lenormand Deck!





An Underwater Deck With A Spicy Twist!


Get Tiki with this tropical deck!


Magic’s Lenormand Charms are a full set of 36 colorful Lenormand charms. This set comes in a custom made tin box.

Charms From The Other Side are designed for connecting with friends and loved ones in spirit.  This set is full of approximately 70 charms that represent signs and symbols gathered from Brenda’s years of experience doing mediumship readings. This set of divination charms comes in a custom made tin box.