About the Decks 

Our Lenormand decks are handmade with love by Brenda Elizabeth.  

The traditional number of cards in a Lenormand deck is 36. Our decks have 38 cards, as there is one additional man and one additional lady card. The Rainbow Bridge deck also includes a card to represent your cat or dog in spirit.

Dimensions are standard poker size of 2.5″x 3.5″. Decks come in a custom tin box.

Electric Lenormand: A Free Spirited & Far Out Lenormand Deck!

Mystery’s Halloween Lenormand: A Frightfully Fun Deck!

Spicy Pisces Lenormand Deck:  An Underwater Deck With A Spicy Twist!

Freaky Tiki Lenormand Deck: Get Freaky With This Tropical Deck!

Rainbow Bridge Lenormand:  Designed To Connect With Your Pets In Spirit.