Familar Charm Set Instructions

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Familiar Charm Set Instructions:  Download the PDF version Lady Lenormand Familiar Charm Meanings

A Familiar is a supernatural animal companion that assists witches & others with magick & other spiritual
work. A Familiar can take many forms and can be in physical form or in the astral plane. The energy of a
Familiar can enhance our power, help us heal, and protect us.

This charm set is designed to be used alone or with other divination and magick tools. Consciously
choose a Familiar from the set or you can randomly draw to help you with spell work, divination,
psychic work, mediumship, rituals, healing, shadow work, and whatever else you’d like to use them for.

You can use them to get messages, cast a few alone or sprinkle on top of a tarot or oracle card spread
for layered meaning. The guide of meanings and magical workings are just suggestions for use.
Use them intuitively and as you feel is best for your highest good.

Familiar Invocation:
Hear my call for a magickal Familiar. Creature of earth, air, wind or water. Come to me, mentor me.
I shall care for you and honor you. Blessed be!

Charm Meanings:

Charm TypeMeaningMagickal Workings
BatSignificant Change, Staying Present, Paying Attention to Signs, Reinventing Yourself, Intuition, WillpowerManifesting, Meditating, Scrying, Releasing Fears, Transition Spells
BeeHard work, Productivity, Kindness, Divine Energy, Solar Plexus ChakraSetting Intentions, Success & Job Spells, Chakra Clearing
ButterflyMetamorphosis, Spirituality, Freedom, Beauty, Love, Sign from the Other Side, Sacral ChakraMediumship, Transformation Spells, Transmuting Energy, Glamour Magick
CatMagic, Communication, Trust Your Intuition, Personal Power, Good Luck, A Cat (Here or on Other Side)Mediumship, Psychic Work, Meditation, Astrology, Astral Travel, Spell Work
CrowTransformation, Messenger, Soul’s Journey, Letting Go, Integrity, Syncronicity, Manifestation, CreationPast Life Regression, Soul Work, Meditation, Mediumship, Journeying, Aura Reading
DogLoyalty, Unconditional Love, Emotional Intelligence, A Dog (Here or on Other Side),Animal Communication, Energy Work, Mirror Work, Protection Spells
DragonflyHarmony, Good Luck, Transformation, Rebirth, Renewal, ProtectionSoul Work, Healing, Astrology, Mediumship, Protection Spells
FeatherFreedom, Peace, Balance, Creativity, Signs from the Other SideShamanism, Earth Magick, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer or mojo
FishFlow, Abundance, Water, Money, Independence, Many Fish in the Sea, BusinessMoney & Career Spells, Health Spells, Dousing, Reiki, EFT, Feng Shui
FlowerGift, Growth, Happiness, Appreciation, Something Blooming, CharmHerbal Magick, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
HeartLove, Self Love, Relationships, Friendships, Compassion, Care, Heart Chakra, BlissLove Spells, Healings, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
HorsePersonal Power, Inner Strength, Mastery, Freedom, Spiritual Awareness, AdventureConfidence Spells, Safe Travel Spells, Soul Work
Lady BugLetting Go, Luck, Protection, Gratitude, Progress, Crown ChakraChakra Clearing, Meditation, Good Luck & Blessing Spells, Tea Leaf Readings
MoonSubconscious, Dreams, Emotions, Recognition, Illusions, Fears, RecognitionMoon Magick, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
MothTransformation, Intuition, Accepting Darkness, Hidden Knowledge, DeterminationCommunications with the Other Side, Shadow Work, Channeling
MouseCreativity, Intellect, Humility, Stability, Stress, Meekness, Shyness, Eating Away at SomethingPsychometry, Automatic Writing, Release Work
MushroomLuck, Mystery, Purification, Finding The Light, Opening Your Mind To A New PerspectiveFertility Spells, Dream Work, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
OwlIntuition, Wisdom, Connection to Our Spirit, Night TIme, Warning of DeceptionClairvoyance, Finding Missing Objects, Truth Spells
PentagramFaith, Peace, Harmony, The Five Elements, Life Force, Essence, Magick CirclesInvocations, Banishing Spells, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
RabbitFertility, Sex, Love, Good Luck, Positivity, Creative Force, Flexibility, Extroversion, Anxiety, Throat ChakraSex, Fertility, & Money Spells, Expressing Your Truth, Astrology
ScorpionReleasing What Doesn’t Serve You, Transmutation, Mystery, Defending, Attacking, Survival, Emotional IntelligenceOccult & Mystery Workings, Psychometry
SnailSlow Down, Take Your Time, Set Priorities, Delays, PatienceTime Magick, Meditation, Dream Work
SnakeShed Your Skin, Let Go of Limiting Beliefs, Staying Connected To Your SurroundingsCrystal Grids & Healing, Tarot, Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness
Spell BookMagic Book, Divination, Magic Objects, Spells, RitualsUse in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
SpiderCreativity, Divine Feminine, Creativity, Interconnection, Create Your Own Reality, Finding BalanceCreativity Spells, Spirit Art, Energy Balancing, Pendulum Work, Soul Contracts
SquirrelHaving Fun, Friends & Family, Good Relationships, Adventure, Freedom, Playfulness, Courage, ProsperityAncestor Work, Family Constellations, Good Fortune Spells
StarNew Beginnings, Fame, Inspiration, Goals, Dreams, Imagination, Hopes and DreamsManifesting & Fame Spells, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
SwanBeauty, Elegance, Romance, Peace, Love, Purity, Peace, Protectiveness, Jealousy, Self Doubt, SensitivityMetta Meditation, Energy Clearing, Beauty, Love, and Protection Spells
ToadChange, New Opportunities, Take a Chance, Flexibility, Take a Chance, Impulsiveness, Medicinal Folk CuresSwamp Magick, Expanding Consciousness, Aura Readings, Dimensional Work
TurtlePerseverance, Staying Present, Old Soul, Home or House, Healing, Protection, Making Grounded DecisionsAncestor Work, Confidence Spells, House & Home Spells, Health & Protection Magick
WingsHigher Power, Reaching New Heights, Freedom, SuccessProtection & Success Spells, Use in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
WitchMagic, Nature, Healing, Supernatural, Significator- You or Other Witches In Your LifeUse in conjunction with a familiar charm to add a layer of mojo
WolfWild Spirit, Hidden Power, Loyalties, Setting Boundaries Freedom, Community, InstinctsInner Child Work, Tarot, Coven Work, Shamanism

Invocation- credit & thanks to Itchy Witch on The Witches Circle Amino
Familiar Meanings inspired by www.spirit-animals.com & spiritanimals.org