Learn Lenormand

Rider Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings1 - RiderConnotation - Positive Description - Good News, Communication, Visitors, Young Man, Local Travel Actions - Receiving News, Setting Things In Motion, Taking Action, Commuting Feelings - Energetic, Free

Ship Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings3 - ShipConnotation - Neutral Description - Travel, Vacations, International Business, Long Distances, Foreigners Actions - Taking a Trip, Ship Coming In, Exploring Feelings - Adventurous, Mobile

House Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings4 - HouseConnotation - Neutral Description - Home, Stability, Family, Structure, Renovations, Domestic Matters Actions - Spending Time with Family, Home Projects, Cleaning, Working Around The House Feelings - Safety, Comfort

Tree Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings5 - TreeConnotation - Neutral Description - Health, Ancestry, Roots, Family Tree, Karma Actions - Planting Roots, Taking Care of Your Health, Feeling Grounded Feelings - Grounded, Health Conscious

Cloud Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings6 - CloudsConnotation - Negative Description - Doubt, Negativity, Uncertainty, Fog, Depression Actions - Doubting, Hesitating, Avoiding Things Feelings -Doubtful, Indecisive, Sad, Confused

Snake Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings7 - SnakeConnotation - Negative Description - Deception, Fear, The Other Woman, Lies, Betrayal, Plumbing Actions - Lying, Complaining, Sneaking Away Feelings -Betrayed, Fearful, Nervous, Jealous, Mean

Coffin Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings8 - CoffinConnotation - Negative Description - Endings, Finalization, Illness, Hardships, Death Actions - Completing A Cycle, Contemplating Change Feelings - Mourning, Sad, Getting Over It

Bouquet Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings9 - BouquetConnotation - Positive Description - Beauty, Art, Gifts, Aesthetics Actions - Getting A Makeover, Creating, Painting, Rearranging Furniture Feelings - Happy, In Love, Beautiful, Generous, Creative

Scythe Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings10 - ScytheConnotation - Negative Description - Quick Ending, Surgery, Harvest, Accidents Actions - Cutting Something Out, Reaping What You Sow Feelings - Pain, Closure, Rude