Predict the Future Nights

These are the results of  the “Predict the Future Night” on Meetup and Zoom.  We group meditate on time periods to predict the future.  Come back often to see the results!

Rider Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings1 - RiderConnotation - Positive Description - Good News, Communication, Visitors, Young Man, Local Travel Actions - Receiving News, Setting Things In Motion, Taking Action, Commuting Feelings - Energetic, Free

Ship Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings3 - ShipConnotation - Neutral Description - Travel, Vacations, International Business, Long Distances, Foreigners Actions - Taking a Trip, Ship Coming In, Exploring Feelings - Adventurous, Mobile

House Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings4 - HouseConnotation - Neutral Description - Home, Stability, Family, Structure, Renovations, Domestic Matters Actions - Spending Time with Family, Home Projects, Cleaning, Working Around The House Feelings - Safety, Comfort

Tree Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings5 - TreeConnotation - Neutral Description - Health, Ancestry, Roots, Family Tree, Karma Actions - Planting Roots, Taking Care of Your Health, Feeling Grounded Feelings - Grounded, Health Conscious

Cloud Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings6 - CloudsConnotation - Negative Description - Doubt, Negativity, Uncertainty, Fog, Depression Actions - Doubting, Hesitating, Avoiding Things Feelings -Doubtful, Indecisive, Sad, Confused

Snake Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings7 - SnakeConnotation - Negative Description - Deception, Fear, The Other Woman, Lies, Betrayal, Plumbing Actions - Lying, Complaining, Sneaking Away Feelings -Betrayed, Fearful, Nervous, Jealous, Mean

Coffin Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings8 - CoffinConnotation - Negative Description - Endings, Finalization, Illness, Hardships, Death Actions - Completing A Cycle, Contemplating Change Feelings - Mourning, Sad, Getting Over It

Bouquet Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings9 - BouquetConnotation - Positive Description - Beauty, Art, Gifts, Aesthetics Actions - Getting A Makeover, Creating, Painting, Rearranging Furniture Feelings - Happy, In Love, Beautiful, Generous, Creative

Scythe Lenormand Meaning

Lenormand Card Meanings10 - ScytheConnotation - Negative Description - Quick Ending, Surgery, Harvest, Accidents Actions - Cutting Something Out, Reaping What You Sow Feelings - Pain, Closure, Rude