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2022 Predict the Future Nights and Beyond – May 12th 2022

by | May 23, 2022 | Predict the Future Nights | 0 comments

May 2022
Baseball in the news, Tom Brady news, big sports injury,
The country will be in chaos over Roev. Wade. Russia creates an increasingly dangerous situation for the world.
Global shift in consciousness beginning.
“Ukrane war still going on
Covid-19 still here with us
Stock Market stuck in a bears market”
Big news with Trump next week. More information comign through, having to do with Ivanka..being made fun of on talk shows for more vantirty. Oil embargo with Russia.

June 2022
On the 17th of June there will be a big event worldwide, people will be hurt however it will rock the foundation and things will change- abortion will remain legal, there will be an uprising. Fires in Arkansas, tornado in Oklahoma, news from China- immigration, COVID
I visit Terwilliger Plaza.
inflation, gas prices, crypto, peak inflation
“War is still going in Ukraine
Stock market trying to make a comeback
Covid19 is worse for Florida
Roe v Wade will be ended
Something big comes out about Trump and his family. He is toast. He has bribed people for years but his luck is running out. But will his followers believe it? Corn in the news.

July 2022
Brad Pitt in the news, Oscar news, Funny tik tok or dance craze will strike, medicare news and protection. Rainy July is on record.
Don’t know, but I turn 75.
good news, peaceful world, happy people.
“Russia losing the war Putin getting frustrated
Covid 19 will won’t leave
Politics, feel complicated. Too much gerrymandering and laws are being put in place to stop it. So much cheating going on. Housing prices are going down in relation to inflation.

August 2022
Stock market tank, rates go up, inflation still rising, foreclosures and car and credit card debt default rates go up, Covid season is not as bad as we thought, still majory fuckery in the airports and flights- plane crash 🙁 Egypt, Middle East
Global: Something happens to Putin.
scorching hot summer, record heat waves. dry. dangerously hot.
“Housing market coming back down
inflation improving
Putin is still trying to win the war”
There is a drought in the midwest that is longer than predicted. People are running out of water and panicking. The stores below in the southwest are running dry. Very hot summer even going into August.

September 2022
Wheat shortage, still major shortages, Ukraine agreement reached but Russia eyeing other countries US has to send force. 9-11 anniversary is significant this year, news about a baby
Global: Climate tragedies in the USA.
forest fires, back to work – market makes a modest turn upward, things settle down a bit in stocks, cryptos start to turn back up, and markets start to normalize.
“Markets improving or trying to gain
Putin is losing
Feels windy…maybe a big storm somewhere…feels like a tornado more than a hurricane. Lots of wind.

October 2022
Shipwreck and sunken treasure, cold snap starts early, hurricane in the South, I feel the Carolinas, not an active season for Florida
Global: Food shortages. Supply line disruptions.
The weather turns toward fall. people start to be happy again leading toward Halloween, starts to feel normal again post-covid and post-hot summer.
Putin losing the war
Markets getting stronger
Halloween in full force. Caramel apples in the news but not in a good way. Feels chaotic.

November 2022
Election news, JB health issue, Repubs do not take over
Don’t know.
Dull time. not too much going on. everything is kind of status quo.
Market get back to bear
inflation improving”
Thanksgiving is on. There is a big tragedy we are mourning as a nation.

December 2022
Crazy travel and spending, Bitcoin news, Elon Musk making the news, Twitter doesn’t do well. Amazon in the news too, Tax reform for billionaires.
Asteroid hits the earth.
Modest Christmas, people not spending like crazy but things kind of just normal. People out doing things, back to normal – maybe prioritizing experiences over stuff.
Putin still losing and in an impossible position
Feels very cold, snow, and heating issues are in the news…prices are exorbitant to heat a house. Something must be done.

January 2023
The economy gets slightly better and inflation calms down, emergency measures are made to stop the country from going into recession, revisionist history, a big me too case from the past, famous movie star dies suddenly. Murder scandal grips the nation.
Multivariant Covid vaccine is perfected and distributed.
crazy market. housing market, stock market wild. All-time highs housing market. Lots of market news/predictions/talking heads. Lots of focus on finance.
Markets down
Feels very active…grocery stores are in the news. People are finding other ways to get their food because prices are too high. Bartering, trade..

February 2023
Tsunami on the other side of the world, news about a great cancer cure, orange crops in the news, hydroponic growing, stocks stable, and baby boomers start dying in the news.
pretty good, more normalized market. People really feeling a return to normal life post-covid, 3 years later, a boom in weddings, delayed honeymoons, celebrations pick up. Life goes back to normal for events.
Putin kills himself instead of being killed by Nato
Market up
Bombing near New York City…this is big news.

March 2023
Blizzard in NW, California in the news for legislation, gay rights threatened, Desantis in charge, DeSantis runs for president,
Queen Elizabeth dies.
celebratory – spring for markets, for people, for housing – everything blooming. people happy. happiness on tv, like morning shows.
Putin kills himself instead of Nato killing him”
St. Paddy Day

April 2023
Gold in the news, avalanche, Cuba, Mexico in the news, Mexican govt dealing with cartels, Jimmy Hoffa found
Charles is crowned king.
People feeling good – spring fever, wellness abounds – inflation, market, humanity, everything feeling better.
Markets up
Inflation down
housing coming back to normal
Finland joins Nato
A major movie star is gone.

May 2023
Bees in the news, flowers pollen, bad allergy season, robotics and new tech available for homes, new social media app everyone loves, Queen’s health in jeopardy, and the Royal family in the news.
Europe starts to get a handle on weaning off from Russian fossil fuel dependency.
just kind of back to normal, status quo, a bit of uncertainty again in the industry.
“Working on New strain of Covid vaccine for the Fall
Markets up”
Something painful passes into law. I think it might be the abortion rights thing. It feels sharp and painful. Many people are not happy.

June 2023
Stocks High, pharmacy news, golden ticket, retirement news, missing couple poisoned in Caribbean – rash of cases- grad night tragedy, fall from balcony
A new pestilence hits the earth.
all good, status quo, people traveling/enjoying, market stable – little worry or overfocus on it.
Hurricanes storms
It feels dry, like very dry wheat. It is so hot and it isn’t even full summer…I see very dry wheat grasses swinging in the wind and making a scratching noise.

Second Half of 2023
Arizona and Texas are spotlights- political conventions are highlighted, new party emerges, Canada Trudeau in the news, Forrest fires in CA then rain then mudslides, hard year there. Death of a former president in the US. Today’s show hosts turn over.
If it hasn’t happened already, Putin is replaced. US economy starts to recover.
positive – people are feeling wealthy, good consumer confidence, it’ll be a big-spending second half into the fall and leading to Christmas – a big blowout – parties, parades, big gifting. Markets are stable, consumers feel good, flush with cash, fat & happy.
Fighting in congress
Politics are just crazy. So many cheating and dirty campaigns on both sides. Democrats end up keeping the house even with a scandal.

Cash becomes an issue, supply chain but bitcoin blockchain not ready to take over, system crashes and failures leading to new legislation, also rules passed about hedge funds JB and DT will not run, a black person will run and win, the country will be divided and talk about civil war ensures. covid is gone. Low-fat diets in style again. More people will go vegan, good vegan cheese comes out form lab.
It looks bad for Climate Change & Global Warming.
a great year for markets. people feel really great. there is some tension in the news just run-of-the-mill squabbling – political – election tension, but overall lots of people feel secure.
New President
New Congress
Markets up
Inflation down
Ukraine at peace
I see a British military marching in, like a vision…marching, the military. People are worried. People are safer in smaller towns than the big cities. Many fringe groups are trying to take control and just make it difficult for ordinary people, but get no traction.

Issues in the artic lead to emergency climate legislation, global warming is improving, new worldwide collition helps, and charging stations for electric cars do not have enough infrastructure.
Prince William becomes king. China becomes more democratic, and gives citizens greater freedom. Countries realize have to work together to save selves from climate catastrophe.
Pretty boring president – nothing crazy. Feels normal like when Obama was pres. No major upsets. Maybe the housing market busts and softens but people aren’t out on the street or anything. Maybe feels a little like 2009 housing wise and markets may be normal at this point – not super high but kind of stable having bottomed out already and just normal.
Middle East up heavel
Natural Disasters
Markets mixed
Covid fading away
Feels like the issues are really starting to get worked on such as climate change, food shortages, inequality, more woman in power who are able to get things done. The seeds are really being planted for major change to a more egalitarian society.

Age of women, atlantis, true age of aquarius, lots of psychic development, people use telepathy more, hippie revival. WOHA. Hawaii in the news.
A satellite solar array provides alternative power for earth, freeing us from fossil fuels.
A great year – humanity happy. Things turning up in financial markets. Homes are homes not piggy banks. People focus on home and friends and what matters. Kind of a return to traditional values and community.
Markets up
Covid mostly gone or like a cold
Congress still fighting
Europe unease”
Times are a changing. It feels like the roaring twenties and even the fashion from that time period is back. Lots of fast times with new drugs and technology. The technology ends up being the drugs. Something to watch out for…art and music is on an all time high as well. Fast Times.


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